(Note: This article is about teaching English on Italki, not about other languages. Also, please visit my YouTube channel about teaching online at )

A little over a year ago, I wrote an article about how much money I made money on Italki. Since that article, things had been going quite well. I was making some really good money (with my best month of teaching being around $4,500), and was more than happy to stay on the platform. I took a vacation to Hawaii, and one to Alaska. Life was good.

But now, I’m finished with Italki.

But before…

NOTE: Please read my article “Why I am leaving Italki” first before continuing with this article. There have been some changes in the way Italki does business, which makes this article somewhat outdated.

In September of 2018, I decided to leave my profession. I had worked in politics for over 28 years, and I was absolutely tired of it. I didn’t like the backstabbing, the attitudes, and, yes, the politics.

I was finally liberated! I wanted to see the world. I wanted to be a digital nomad. See new places and experience new things. Mark things off of my bucket…

Dave Trotter

Professional English Teacher. Founder of Just Say It English.

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